Ford F-150 Raptor Features Impressive Performance

With better overall performance and rated higher for efficiency, the Ford F-150 Raptor is described as a beast both on and off the road. The Raptor is built for off-road adventures, with FOX Racing Shox and a unique twin-turbo engine. It starts with raw power and builds from there.


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To take a Raptor out for a test drive and learn more about the improved performance, visit us at Sheehy Ford of Springfield. 

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Maximize Your Potential in the Ford Super Duty

The new Ford Super Duty is the flagship pickup truck for Ford. This is a full-size workhorse that can handle just about anything that you can throw at it with ease. Not only is it capable, but it is well-equipped and designed very smart to maximize your productivity. Drivers who employ this vehicle to suit their work needs are going to enjoy many productivity related features that include:

  • Up to 7 available cameras
  • Rear seat storage and flat load floor
  • Six upfitter switches in the overhead console
  • 110V/400W AC inverter outlet 
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Keep These Towing Tips in Mind

Take the time to work through this towing safety checklist before you head out on the highway. Cutting corners might put you and other drivers at risk of injury, so slow down and proceed with caution.

Check to see if the trailer hitch installed on your vehicle has been rated to handle the load you are getting ready to tow. If not, now is the time to make that change before trouble arises. 

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The Last Thing You Need: Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are awfully frightening. They're not at all unusual in the summertime, either. If you live in fear of the potential of tire blowouts, you can break out of that today. That's because you can do things that can stop tire blowouts from disrupting your safety and convenience.

Strong tire upkeep methods can be wonderful for people who want to feel 100 percent safe. Stay on top of the pressure of your tires. Closely supervise this pressure. It's important to focus on appropriate tire inflation techniques, too. 

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Understanding the Mechanisms Behind Car Brake Pads

Brakes are one of the essential parts of any vehicle, able to bring a speeding car to a halt over a relatively short distance. But what actually happens between your foot pressing on the brake pedal and the actual wheels stopping? Brake pads play an essential role in that process, and we can break down a critical mechanism happening every time you press on the brake.

When you begin to brake, your foot's pressure translates into a piston-lever setup. This piston pushes into a tube filled with hydraulic fluid, which then gets pushed toward the other end at speed…

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“Alexa, Start My Car”—Ford and Amazon Team Up

Ford and Amazon Alexa: Driving You Into the Future
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could start your car from inside your house? Or if you could create a shopping list while driving? How amazing would it be if you could access and shop for your favorite Amazon books and music from inside your car? Now you no longer have to simply wonder how awesome it would be to have total access to Alexa from inside your car, because Ford and Amazon have teamed up to integrate Alexa into new Ford vehicles!

This new partnership between Ford and Alexa…
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Is it Time for a Tire Rotation?

The tires on your car should be rotated to keep your tires from wearing out too early. Here at Sheehy Ford of Springfield, we can rotate your tires when you come in for a routine oil change as part of your maintenance. If your car is pulling one way or another when you drive, you may need an alignment along with a tire rotation.

When you take the time to get regular tire rotations, your tires are going to last longer. Tires wear differently depending on where they are on your vehicle. A slight bump can push everything out of…

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2018 Ford Fusion: Full-Size Sedan with All-Wheel Drive

Most sedans on the American automotive market come standard with a classic front-wheel driver that's designed for normal driving. However, the 2018 Ford Fusion is not an ordinary sedan by any means. This model is available with the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) that surely provides better traction than a conventional FWD.

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Indications that your tire tread is worn out

On most occasions, we tend to turn a blind eye to the care of our tires. Improved tire care would lead to improved handling of our vehicles and better use of fuel. It is of importance that we regularly check the condition of our tires for improved car performance. We can check the status of our tires in the following ways:

  • If your tires look worn out, then they are worn out. You therefore need to replace them.
  • When unsure of whether your tire treads are worn out, you can perform a penny test. Here you will need to insert…
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