Stay Connected With SYNC 3

The history of the progression of the automobile has indeed been a long one and now more than ever, technology is playing a major role in the evolution of the vehicle as we know it. Not only are electronic and computerized parts going on under the hood but also inside the vehicle as well.

Ford enables vehicle owners as well as passengers become more connected with their driving experience. SYNC 3 technology allows the driver to have more control over the driving experience as well as providing a new level of safety.

SYNC 3 and SYNC Connect allows for a new enhanced voice recognition system. More intuitive than ever before, SYNC allows you to speak a command to your vehicle and have the result occur without ever taking your eyes from the road or hands from the wheel. Select vehicles even come with a SYNC WiFi HotSpot.

Come and view the amazing features available to vehicles equipped with the SYNC 3 technology today by heading over to see us here at Sheehy Ford Of Springfield.

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