Two Useful Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

Our team at Sheehy Ford of Springfield wanted to inform local motorists about some of the performance features in the new Ford Fusion Energi that make it such a popular plug-in hybrid.

One very helpful feature in the Ford Fusion Energi, the Blind Spot Information System, is designed to protect a driver when navigating busy roads. Sensors mounted on the back of the car will be able to detect if another car is in a blind spot, then flash your side mirror on that corresponding side so that you know which lane to avoid until that vehicle has moved on.

The Ford Fusion Energi also comes with the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Radar technology scans far ahead of the vehicle once the desired speed has been set, locating and marking a lead vehicle. By creating that safety buffer, your vehicle is able to speed up or slowdown in order to safely maintain that driving distance.



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