Understanding the Mechanisms Behind Car Brake Pads

Brakes are one of the essential parts of any vehicle, able to bring a speeding car to a halt over a relatively short distance. But what actually happens between your foot pressing on the brake pedal and the actual wheels stopping? Brake pads play an essential role in that process, and we can break down a critical mechanism happening every time you press on the brake.

When you begin to brake, your foot's pressure translates into a piston-lever setup. This piston pushes into a tube filled with hydraulic fluid, which then gets pushed toward the other end at speed depending on how much you're pressing on the brake. This hydraulic fluid flows into larger cylinders, which in turn squeeze the brake pads onto the wheels. The brake pads grip the wheels, slowing them down through friction.

Brake pads experience wear from contact with the tires. Want to know whether you need to change your brake pads? Stop by our showroom at Sheehy Ford of Springfield, where our team will check your brake tires for you in no time!

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